Surrender a Pet

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Giving up a pet

If you think you may need to give up your pet because of your circumstances or due to an issue with the animal, please consider the decision carefully. If you decide you must surrender your pet to the center, be aware that the center will take over all ownership rights and responsibilities for the animal immediately and you will no longer retain any ownership rights to that animal. That’s why it is so important to consider your decision carefully.

Animals accepted

The ARC is an open-intake facility for animals within the jurisdiction of the interlocal agreement. The open-intake is contingent upon available space in the ARC. Intake from citizens may be refused at any time to ensure proper housing and care of the animals.


DO NOT tie dogs up or leave them in boxes or carriers by the gate! Animals left in this way are not safe, may escape, or may become injured.

What may happen

The center takes full responsibility for dogs and cats that are brought in. Dogs and cats brought in to the center may eventually be:

  • Reclaimed by their owner (strays are held a minimum of three days)
  • Adopted to a new family
  • Transferred to one of our Partner Organizations, or
  • Humanely euthanized

The decisions made about what will happen with a specific animal depend upon the information we have about the animal, the health and behavior of the animal and the space available at the shelter at that time. Our staff will provide the best possible care to every animal during its stay at the shelter.

Unfortunately we can't guarantee adoption or transfer.