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"We adopted our Coco a year ago and she is the greatest dog! We were so impressed with the facilities and I am so happy I saw Coco's picture on Facebook. We just lost our older chihuahua two weeks ago so I'm really thankful we still have Coco and our other chihuahua Lucy."




"I drove all the way from 阿灵顿 to adopt a beautiful Maine Coon mix orange cat and ended up adopting his sister too. Didn't want to take away her only friend and comfort. They are so spoiled now and enjoy a beautiful life. I let them out into my gated backyard as well to play whenever they want. 它们是很棒的猫! Thank you for giving them a second chance!"




"I can't thank these people enough for allowing me to take home one of their puppies!! Toby has been an incredible addition to our family. They were so super sad to see him go, but they were super happy to see him go! It was a hassle free adoption and I'd go back again!"




"People often say that there is no perfect adopted rescue dog because they all come with issues. However, I feel as if I have hit the jackpot with Luigi! 他很有礼貌, 拴着狗链走得很好, 有礼貌的, create trained and he rides great in the car in his doggy-car-seat. The icing on the cake was that he also turned out to be Heartworm negative. The public needs to know what wonderful dogs you can adopt from a municipal animal shelter. I also would like to send a "high paw salute" to Jaime and Toni for making the process easy and the experience a great one. 谢谢你!!"




“米莉会过上好日子的. 我们很高兴.”




"Rick was working as an escort for a benefit ride for the Shelter, while he was waiting for the ride to start he decided to go in and lookat the dogs. He saw this little white dog huddled up in a corner of the kennel and asked for them to get her out. 起初她很担心, butwithin minutes she was cuddled up in his arms and giving him kisses. 里克叫我过去见她. While we were in the meet n greet roomhe had to leave to check on the ride. When he walked out of the room, this little white dog went to the door and cried. 她很难过,因为瑞克走了. 我们决定收养她. We named her Angel because that’s what she was. 瑞克去兜风了,我和安吉尔一起走了.

When I got her to her new home our other “babies” – Tuffy (who have since lost), Sissy (the Alpha or so she thinks) and Misty (our old girl at almost 16yrs) welcomed Angel and acted as if she were always there. Angel was timid and shy at first and wouldn’t even bark. 几周之内, she found her voice and tried to play with Sissy (our Yorkie) who wouldn’t have anything to do with her.

It’s now been about 3 months – Angel has figured out that she’s “home”. She and Sissy are now best buddies and play ALL the time, with Angel being the one that usually starts it. Misty and Angel tolerate each other (for some reason Angel doesn’t care for Misty and usually barks and carries on when I pay any attention to Misty.) Angel still loves to cuddle with one of us, just the way she did when we first brought her home, and has to be touching one of us when we sleep at night.

Our little Angel no longer has the lost look in her eyes that she did for the first month or so after we brought her home. Almost like she was looking for her last owner. She knows she is home and we won’t let anything happen to her. We love our little girl and are so happy we found her. We encourage everyone to go to the Shelter and find their special “baby” that needs their love and caring. Your life will be forever changed, like ours."




"Hi! 抢救成功!

Tell everyone that I delivered her to the rescue farm today with the other dogs. She will get fixed and get her rabies shot and her micro chip. 她是个甜心. Once she recovers she will go to Petco in Kingwood for adoption day each Sunday until she gets adopted.

Be sure to follow the "德克萨斯波士顿梗救援" group on Facebook. 你可以在我们的主页上看到谁收养了她. She is probably going to love playing with all the other dogs until she finds her family.

谢谢你帮她洗澡. It was nice not having to terrify her with a bath her first five minutes here. We just pet her and cuddled her and took her for a walk with our dogs. She seemed happy here and eats like a horse. 她睡了一整晚. Let me know if you get any Boston Terriers, pugs or bull dogs. 或者那些混种的糊涂脸的杂种狗. 我们会带走他们. 我们也有一个网页. 登陆www.tgcbtr.org. 非常感谢大家."




“George has been missing for 3 months and thanks to the 加尔维斯顿县动物资源中心 we were able to be reunited with him. Our family has posted signs and walked around our neighborhood looking for him. His birthday was November 22nd and we were apart. Our family is so glad and thrilled to have found him."




"This is bonkers being reunited with his family after two long weeks apart, 正好赶上圣诞节!"



“This is an update on Mia (aka Nova), a sable husky that Second Chance Pets pulled earlier this year. I know that happy endings make my day so thought I would share this with you since her journey to us began in Galveston County. As you can see from the email below, her family adores her. They are also bearing all the expense of her heart worm treatment which is a great help to SCP. 她看起来很棒. 我喜欢沙哑的微笑. The black and white husky is her new sister, Shiloh.

All is going well here, Nova is just about at her target weight around 39-40 lbs and looks great. We couldn't imagine our home without her at this point, she has become an integral part of the family ! Her coat has become so soft, I think Shiloh may be jealous!

I have attached the last 2 receipts from vet for SCPs records. The October visit was her initial checkup and a few vaccinations along with a HW test to confirm the status. It was also the start on the HW preventative to take care of any larvae stage and the beginning of the antibiotics to weaken the adult heartworms.

The November visit had the "mid pretreatment" checks the vet had planned including chest X-rays and a full blood panel to make sure everything looked good in preparation for the HW treatment. 她的肺部有轻微的炎症, a very common issue with the HW infection we are told, so she went on a steroid to take care of that and she is just coming off that this week. The blood tests came back great, everything looked fine.

我们将和Dr. Keucker later this week and set the date for the initial HW treatment, either next week or the first week of January. The vet wanted her to be on HW preventative for a minimum of 2 months and this week is exactly 2 months.

Thanks again for taking such great care of Nova and getting her a wonderful start in the program, we're thoroughly enjoy having her as part of the family!"




“Thank you for all your help, we are happy to give Wolfie a loving home. We will make sure he has a great quality of life. 你们太棒了."




"Shamu was brought into the shelter September 5, 2013 by a citizen who found him roaming in Texas City. When he first came in he kept to himself and had the sniffles for a few days. Once he got over that his personality started to show. Since he was neutered and got along with other cats he was put into the front colony. He would greet everyone at the door, begging to be pet. On November1st Shamu was adopted by The Madden family for their 3yr old Daughter’s birthday."



"Just thought you'd like to see Annie at home. 她是一只失聪的小狗. 我星期六收养了她. I attached some pictures of her with her new toy and her big sister Ramona. 她也有一只猫. We're working on them getting along better. Right now Annie's a little too puppy for Mary. I think they'll be ok when Annie calms down some. She's got a bright pink leash cause she's a girly girl and she took over Mary's cat bed. Mary doesn't really mind since she sleeps on the futon in the den anyway. I'm looking forward to getting her a new collar at the Rodeo next year. That's where I got Ramona's last year so we'll see what new design they have for Annie."




“嗨,Amber和Dr. Beckham. 叶忒罗做得很好. He loves to walk on a couple of trails right here around the campground.

We waited a week to let him get acclimated before we took him on a hike. We drove over to Mancos to the state park. They have a handicap accessible trail there called Big Al. We thought that would be a good first hike for him. It has plenty of places with benches to stop and rest and it also has access to water. I put a second collar on him in bright orange only to make me feel better. There is no hunting in this area because it is so popular with people. 他做得很好! 他渴望去,从不放慢脚步. 小路就在一万英尺左右.

When we got home the kids got treats for being so good all day. Don’t worry – we never let them have rawhides unsupervised.

Thank you again for letting Jethro retire."



"I enjoyed doing the open house, but the puppy was the best part.

她是我们家的新成员. I have been wanting to go out to the animal resource center, 我就是抽不出时间, (it would be great if they had 1 night open till 7pm) it was a wonderful idea to have them at the open house.

I could hardly believe it when they came in with the exact pet I had been thinking about getting, 一只雌性腊肠混血幼犬. Perfect, like you said it must have been meant to be.

I am just so happy to have her, my little Lexi. She is so smart and spunky, she just came into our home like she’d always been there. She is so happy and it is contagious, you can’t help but smile when she is around. We have another rescue dog, a brindle boxer named roxy, and she is just in love with Lexi. 他们在一起很棒. 非常感谢."




"The other day I adopted a beautiful ragdoll cat... I really want to get her a friend for the recently adopted ragdoll.... Ragdolls are so affectionate and not the kind that would tear ones house.... We love our cat we adopted, so calm and sweet..."